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The MomForce Podcast Hosted by Chatbooks

Jan 14, 2020

Is your never-ending to-do list sucking the joy out of your life? Pop culture has taught us that we can and should be doing and having it all. This epidemic of unrealistic expectations has left us stressed, exhausted, and feeling like a failure. We can’t be all things to all people!

If you want to have your all, you’ve got to stop doing it all. On today’s episode of The MomForce Podcast, Vanessa and her sister, Leah, are chat with lawyer, PR executive, award winning author, and mother, Romi Neustadt to discuss ways to live a less frazzled and more fulfilling life.

Priorities and goals are two different things. If your goals aren’t serving your priorities you’re not helping yourself. Throughout the episode, Romi teaches ways to “relentlessly edit” our lives in order to clear out what isn’t helping us be our best. We’re moms and wives and balance jobs and PTA and activities. We all have so much on our plates and are spread so thin. Learning to say no, identify our priorities, and set goals that will help us fulfill these priorities will allow us to take ownership of our hours and create the life we strive for!

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